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April 1, 2015 – Parents Urged to Call Senators NOW

Sadly, an amendment was offered on SB 616, the Education Accountability bill, today that changed the school start date to August 10th.  The bill has already passed the House of Representatives and today passed the Senate on Second Reading.  The final reading of the bill is tomorrow, April 2, in the afternoon.  We have one last chance to stop this very early start date from happening.
Many Senators spoke on behalf of parents during the debate today.  We will post a list after it is confirmed.  Senator Abruzzo has filed an amendment to be heard April 2, to change the start date to the 3rd Monday in August.  While this is earlier than we would like, it is better than August 10th.
Please CALL your Senator immediately and let him or her know you support the Abruzzo amendment number 668820 for CS/HB 7069: Education Accountability.  Feel free to let your Senator know you prefer a later start date but support this amendment.  Without it passing all K-12 students could return to school as early as August 10th.

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